Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQFrequently Asked Questions


Would you describe your style as traditional, or reportage, or anything else, and are you able to shoot our wedding in the style that we want?

We would generally expect to shoot in a mix of styles.  There will be some traditional group shots and probably some non-traditional, fun, shots too.  We will take some stylish and contemporary couples exclusive shots and, throughout the day, reportage coverage too.  We will talk to you about your vision for the day and we will always aim to accommodate this.

Do you take photos in black & white, colour, or both?

We shoot in digital RAW format that gives us (and you) the choice at post processing.  Digital RAW captures all the information that the camera can but requires post processing to turn the image into something that you can print, i.e. a .jpeg image.  This allows us to choose at post processing whether the image will look better in black & white, colour or another finish.  Usually, if we decide to publish a black and white version, we will also publish a colour version too.  If you see a specific image, or images, you would prefer in black & white, please ask.

Would you be able to accommodate any ideas we may have in mind?

We welcome your ideas and input.  Remember, we are working for you and not the other way round.

Is the album included in the price?

You can include an album in your collection if you want to.  We would always recommend that you have one as they should become a family heirloom.  We have chosen a reputable supplier after plenty of research and trailing alternative suppliers.  We have invested in design and proofing tools so that you get true colour and a great quality product.  Please take time to have a look at some of our samples.

How many pictures will be taken and how many will we get to choose for our album?

The number of pictures will depend on the coverage you have chosen.  We don’t limit the number of photographs we take but will choose the best of each individual scene and remove any ‘shut eye’ images or unflattering poses.  The number you choose for the album will depend on the number of pages and the page size, for example, we work with an average of 3 images per page for 35cm x 25cm album.

Do you charge a flat fee or work by the hour?  Do you charge overtime fees?

You create your own collection and that is what you pay for, so we don’t generally charge by the hour.  Instead, we cover the events that you have selected in your collection, for example: Ceremony; Reception; Preparation; Evening to first dance; etc..  This way, you won’t have to worry if your timing doesn’t go quite according to plan and we won’t be asking for overtime or walking off at critical moments. 

Do you know the venue, and if not are you prepared to travel there before the wedding to familiarise yourself with it?

Whenever practical we will visit the venue before the wedding.  We always wish to have a Pre Wedding shoot, about 4-6 weeks before the big day and ideally this will be at the venue so we can scope out the best places to take photographs and to plan the styles of photographs which suit you best.  We also use this time to develop a ‘Wet Day’ plan. 

We reserve the right to charge mileage but, we will only charge this in exceptional (very distant) cases.  Then we will agree a flat fee up front so that there will be no surprises.

Will you be photographing the wedding yourself or sending an assistant?

We are a wife and husband team and your wedding collection will normally include both of us.  If you have purchased a Midweek Special Offer Package (not always available) either one of us will attend.    

How soon after the wedding will the photographs be available?

We expect that the images will be on our website within about 14 days.  The USB can be available shortly thereafter.

How much is the booking fee and when is it due? When is the balance due?

A booking fee of 20% of your collection price is payable when you sign the agreement.  The balance is due 30days before your wedding.

Do you have public liability insurance and indemnity? (All good photographers should be insured)

Yes. We have both public liability insurance and indemnity insurance.  If you or your venue wishes to see this, please ask.

What happens if you are unwell and unable to make it on the day – do you know a photographer with the same style who could step in if necessary?

Your wedding collection will include two of us (Midweek Special excepted) and if one of us is unwell or unable to attend the other will still be there and we would expect to be able to bring along another, carefully selected, photographer. 

What happens if it rains?

We will have a ‘wet day’ plan which we will discuss with you at your Pre-Wedding Shoot.  We always carry portable lighting, stands and triggers.  We will scope out the best ‘contingency’ places in case the worst happens.

Can my guests take their own pictures?

Yes.  We expect cooperation from all present so we may ask your guests to hold off whist we take some photographs first, for example at cake cutting, so that other flashes do not interfere with our metering, or if we find that the subjects attention is being distracted by others photographers, but then we will step out so your guests can have an opportunity too.  There is one exception to this – your Couples Exclusive shoot is just that.  We expect to take you away from you guests to take those important romantic shots.

What is the cancellation/postponement policy?

It has happened that a couple has had to move their wedding date at very short notice.  If we are not otherwise committed, we will move with you, without additional penalty.  If not, we will help you  to find someone to cover your day.  If you have to cancel your booking and we are able to book an alternative wedding to the same or greater value, we will return all of your money. 

What spare kit do you take? What happens if your camera breaks on the day?

At a wedding we are usually using 3 cameras at any one time.  You will see us both covering the most important shots for insurance.  We use small capacity memory cards and change them frequently so any failure of a memory card is not catastrophic.  We also carry spare lenses, spare flash guns and spare batteries.  We cannot guarantee that something won’t break but we think we have got it covered if it does.

Will my wedding be the only one you are shooting on that particular day?

            Yes. We will shoot only one wedding per day.